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NY Fishing Reports FALL 2006

11-5-06 New York Bight: It's all bass!!  Bass Blitzes lasting for hours both Morning and afternoon Virtual Bunker flies and Magnum minnows are the ticket. Bucktail Jigs and plastics are working for the spin fisherman, Now is the time to get out and catch a trophy fish I have dates available!


10-17-06 Raritan Bay: Bass Fishing is Red Hot !!! Both morning and afternoon trips Have been Producing bass from 5- 12lbs . The bass have been blitzing bait for hours busting on top under feeding birds Triple hook ups using flies and spinning  tackle , I was out this afternoon by my self  from 3:00 -5:30pm and landed 23 fish on the fly.   


10-16-06 Rarittan Bay: The fall run is ON! with lots of bass up to 12lbs taking Magnum Minnows flies, Bucktail Jigs and Plastic Shad tails. These these fish are easy to catch  and lots of fun on light tackle. I have dates available don't miss out.



 10-15-06 Rarittan Bay: Cool Temperatures Sparked up  the Striper, Bass and Bluefish up to 10lbs were Blitzing bait  for hours and were slamming and fly or lure thrown at them.


 10-12-06 Sandy Hook:  Bass fishing is picking up with fish on Magnum Minnows flies and Bucktails and plastic   shad tails for the spin fisherman. Bluefish up to 10lbs are in the mix. the fall season is here


8-25-06 Raritan Bay:  Bluefish Continue to please with fish up to 12lbs taking  Live bait , Plugs and flies Weakfish up to 8lbs have been mixed  in. Skipjack Tuna 6-10lbs made there appearance inshore, False Albacore will be here any day now 

8-17-06 Raritan Bay: Non stop action with Bluefish up to 10lbs using  live bunker, Virtual Bunker Flies and top water Plugs. weakfish up to 12lbs are under the bluefish if you can manage to fish under them.


8-4-06 Sandy Hook NJ: Bluefish continue to attack Bunker schools Providing excellent catches using Virtual Bunker Flies and top water Plugs. I have Dates Available



8-3-06 Sandy Hook NJ: Outrageous fishing with  Bluefish up 8-12lbs have been Blitzing Schools of Live bunker,  Buctail Jigs, plugs and  Virtual Bunker flies have been producing . Bass up to 20lbs are under the bluefish .



  7-31-06 Raritan Bay: Bluefish 8-12lb are Blitzing Schools Of Bunker , Virtual Bunker flies and top water Plugs are   producing 



7-21-06: Raritan Bay: Bluefish up to 10lbs are providing excellent fly and light tackle opportunities taking clousers      and poppers.

7-16-06 NY Bight: Big bass up to 30lbs are taking Live bunker, Bluefish are all over providing great light tackle opportunities

6-26-06 Raritan Bay: Bluefish Blitzes lasting for hours have been providing excellent top water Fly &Plug action with fish up to 10lbs         





6-20-06 Sandy Hook: Bluefish Blitzes Lasting for hours have been providing excellent top water Fly &Plug action with fish up to 10lbs Striped bass up to 35lbs are taking live& Cut Bunker

5-27-06: Raritan Bay: late afternoon into night bight has been hot! Producing Bass up to 24lbs and Bluefish up to 10lbs using Live and cut Bunker.



5-26-06: NY Bight: Fly fishing under working birds are producing Bass and Bluefish , Half /Half Clouser minnows are fished under the bluefish will catch the bass.


  5-21-06 Raritan Bay: Blitzing bass and Bluefish have been working under the birds feeding on Bay Anchovies. The    bass have been underneath the bluefish, flies, Buck tails Jigs and soft plastics have been scoring.


5-18-06 Raritan Bay: Teen size bass are providing top notch fishing for Fly , Spin and bait fisherman

5-19-06 Raritan bay: A large body of bass 17-22lbs came in this week providing excellent fishing for the fly, spin and bait fisherman.





5-7-06 Raritan Bay: Bass up to 23lbs are taking artificial lures , Bluefish up to 10lbs are also taking lures, Bass up to 44lbs are taking live bunker. Now is the time to get out and catch a trophy Bass



5-06 Raritan Bay: Spin fishing using artificals has been excelent with bass up to 19lbs and Blues up to 10lbs. 



4-2-06 Raritan Bay: Bigfish up to 42lbs continue to be caught using Live and Cut bunker, It only gets better from here,   Now is the time to Book a trip I have dates open.

 4-2-06 Raritan Bay: Warm weather turned on the bass! Bait fishing using clams was very good with Striped Bass taking  clams eagerly, fish were from 3-10lbs.


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